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Wednesday, Apr 22.

Dear Aquarius, there is a chance that someone you once loved is coming back into your life, or that a dream you once cherished can still come true. The first time around, somehow, that dream, or that love slipped right through your fingers at the very moment you thought it was a certainty. Now, here is a new chance, a second chance. Some of us spend a life time praying for one, and here it is, falling into your lap. If you are in a relationship, this is an excellent time to just be together, relax, or maybe listen to music. Put on some of those old records and do some slow dancing.

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Member said about
The PsychicOra

Very caring psychic he is thank you so much for all your help and guidance .sandy, Brampton

Thanks for your help. I appreciate it!DAvid, Kansas City

I have got short reading with him but it was very good. Thanks for your time Thepsychicora. will come back surely. cari, perth

Very good detail that i wanted to know. He has given me much accurate detail. I am happy to come back. Thanks jen, aio