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Friday, Oct 24.

Hello there, Aquarius. There may be some news involving a member of your family or perhaps even more than one member that may come to you as a surprise. Perhaps there has been a sudden change that affects your home or perhaps even a health issue that may begin in the household, like someone coming down with the flu, for example. If you are a parent, perhaps your child or children need your attention. Whatever happens to be your case, your solid stability should be able to comfort those around you. You should have a sense of control and know what to do, even if you have to revert to improvisation. Focus your strength and energy towards making things secure along the home front.
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Member said about
Master Angel

Thank you for your reading, God bless!Rainbowspirit123, Kiev

Best on here. 100x better then jim or any other expert. A rare psychic this day in age. She tells the truth without caring about your feelings involved. Dan, NYC

Thanks zoo much for answering all my questions patiently..and for all the accurate readings and will be so difficult without u...hope to see u always...:)) love u xoxoxox take care smiling always!!!!!!niha, usa

thank u once again for the kind advice. it is important to me.thanks!jt, sg