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Saturday, Nov 28.

Today you may be called on to play “tour-guide” to some friends or relatives who don’t know your city, Aquarius. Wile showing them around, you will rediscover your love for your home-town and it’s history. This may lead you to pick up you camera and take up a long-neglected hobby of urban photography… If you are in a relationship, you may be on your very best behavior today, being very polite and respectable…You may be accompanying your beloved to a visit to the parents - your future in-laws - and you really want t make a good impression. Unfortunately, when you put your best foot forward, it always seems to end up in your mouth!

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Excellent and connected very well on all matters...Stormfire28, Richmond

Very good reading very detauked and honest:)Sunday, Norristown

Good reading.vjrei01, ny

I learned a lot from ahinora. Thanks for being honest. Have a great morningEnchanted3, Fl