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Friday, Apr 03.

Dear Aquarius, you have been moping over the one that got away for an awful long, long time. Your friends lost patience with you, your mother too; even your dog has been seen concealing a bored yawn. Well you may just get the last laugh, because it looks like the fish that got away is swimming right back! WOW! Just one thing? Make sure, before you spread out you net that you REALLY want to make this catch again. It may not be as fresh as it was last time..Just saying. If you are in a relationship, this may be a good time to go back and discuss a few issues left dangling in the past. This house-cleaning (call it spring-cleaning if you like) may just not just save this relationship, but put it back on track to being all that it promised to be in the beginning: a love for life.

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Member said about
psychic sophia

She is always on point! And seems to know what she's talking about.Gabriela , Texas

My first reading with her and she was very good. Picked up quickly. Thank you.Maryann, NY

thank you psychicokc18 for another info filled reedinglee, g

awesomelee, g