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Wednesday, Oct 22.

Hello there, Aquarius. Today is a good day to simply let go of any troubles that you may be experiencing and just try to have some fun. Anything that involves energy and laughter will work in your favor. You may feel the need to loosen any tensions that might be bringing you down and today is the perfect time to be able to do so. Perhaps engaging in a sport or any sort of physical activity will benefit your mind and body. Not only will you be able to feel free but you should be able to reestablish your inner balance to grasp reality more clearly. Engaging with friends or peers on a casual basis may also work out well for you. If there is a personal matter that needs your direct attention, try only to intervene or communicate more towards the evening.
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Member said about
Hamlynhyde Hamlynhyde

Amazing, truthful, dedicated, always a pleasure to converse with, thank you, & he knows I will be back!Kristina, Yorktown

omg spot on , speechless! thank you so so much. I needed to hear those words tonight. and I also share the same birthday as his motherKristina, williamsburg

He picks up passed loved ones very easily. Not an easy thing to do!!donna, Plymouth

He is wonderfull straight to the point.Sonja Boes, Netherlands