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Friday, Nov 28.

Hello there, Aquarius. You may be in a position where you want to be with the people that mean the most to you at the moment but you can’t find the time to do so and it might have to do with the fact that you are way too busy working all the time. Perhaps a friend or a group of friends have been trying to contact you lately so that you can finally get together but you still haven’t been able to fit this person or people into your agenda. Try not to despair. The people who know you best will understand, but now the ball is probably in your court. You may want to reevaluate your priorities today in order to spend more quality time with your friends and/or loved ones in the future.

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Maria, is incredible. That is all. xxxxxSiany, Pluto

goodm, d

awesome reading as usual!! and very fast answer!!hermestarr, berlin

good readingHalo, x