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Monday, Dec 22.

Dear Aquarius, today the Sun will enter Capricorn, your twelfth house of secrets, introspection and private life, suggesting that for the next thirty days, a secret will come to light to help you make conscious decisions. You will be a lot more introspective and your subconscious will cme to the surface at times for you to deal with certain parts of it and this may affect your love life in more than one way. You will prefer to spend time alone or with someone whom you feel extremely comfortable with.
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Member said about
Deva PsychicFae

All smiles !!!!!!!!!!!!! couldn't be happierWolfy, Denver

what a powerful lifeforce.. such a nice person.. positive energy all the way... the best reader on oranum... u cant go wrong here...i have been to many... she is the best!!!!donna, COLONIA

Amazing reader! She connected very quickly with my situation! Very detailed! Thank you! A+++++bruin19, USA

NEVER wrong !!! i always come to her when i need piece of mind on something ! she always leads me in the right direction !!! summer, houston