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Friday, Feb 12.

You may have been in a stifling, emotionally crippling relationship for quite a while, Aquarius, and have lost touch with all you old friends. You need to get back into the world and get yourself a social life again. Pick up the phone and start calling up those old friends. Your friends have missed you, your warmth and your wit and will welcome you back to the gang. If you are in a relationship, do remember that love is not a static structure. It grows and flows and changes. You need to invest in it, not just wallow in it. Explore what your beloved has to offer as a person, and as a spiritual being, as a challenging intellect. Your differences will lead you both into growth as people and as a couple.

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Member said about
the instant numerologist

Fast connection and to the point. No wasting time. Looking forward to predictions.Fern, NZ

Awesome !! Coming back!! Nancy, australia

interesting insight, good advice. thank you!ccc, london

Interesting experience with numerology...looking forward to all the good stuff coming my way! Thanks for the infoAmy, Maryland