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Friday, Apr 25.

Hello there, Aquarius. If you are single, perhaps you have been interested in someone lately that now seems less appealing or not as interesting as you had set your standards to. Maybe you have an encounter with this certain someone and as you get to know him or her better, you feel somewhat disappointed that this person isn’t exactly how you had thought he or she would be. If you happen to be on a date, try to avoid what is turning you off about this person and focus on the qualities that this person has to show. Perhaps you share a lot of things in common and can still relate to each other. Try to explore this person’s virtues, Aquarius, and avoid looking for his or her flaws.
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Member said about
ThePsychic Ora

Reassuring. I was having self doubts but TPOra helped by advising me of the paths in my life and the need to choose the right one. I made the decision and feel confident of the near future. Thanks Cecily sanity53, sydney nSW Australia

very eye opening, felt at ease with himsanity53, sydney, NSW Australia

Thank you Ora. I will update you. Please do pray for me Thank you.G, DUB

Reassuring, thank you.Mary, Biloela