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Wednesday, Jul 08.

Dear Aquarius, life has been difficult lately, and you’ve had just about enough of complicated relationships with deep and temperamental types. You are tired of walking on egg-shells around the sensitive feelings of petulant an spoiled people. Enough is enough! You definitely want to take a light-hearted fun-loving approach to life with someone cheerful and kind. You’ve just about had enough of the interestingly morose and artistic types! If you are in a relationship, your love for your partner may inspire you to wax lyrical and write them a love-song or a poem. Present your offering on bended knee in the proper demeanour of a wandering minstrel and watch your beloved swoon at your romantic gesture!

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Member said about
numerologist Ed Peterson

nice meeting you Sir. It's nice to hear that thank youMirah02, Qatar

Very impressive. I really like the way he uses numerology to let me know what is going to happen. Good news and great reading.J, Calgary

Very interesting and insightful. Figured out my personality straight away without me saying anything other than my dob. Amazing how numerology works. I highly recommend. Thank You Athanasoula, USA

very good clear lots of infocream, uk