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Sunday, Aug 02.

This day you are going to have the opportunity to rise in a big time. It will be a day to close cycles and to let go what it has to go, as simple as that. The good Moon in Perigee will make this a prosper day for work or school matters. You are going to have to be careful in your love area with some differences because, this might lead you to a negative wave. If you do not have a spouse-couple, you will have to worry a little bit less and to remember that you cannot hurry things, never and mostly, during these 24 hours.

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Member said about
Readings by Carrieanne

Thanks again. you're always great! yoyo, pa

Carrieanne is so kind and wise! This was my second reading and she really brings insight into things that are going on in my life and how to refocus to overcome challenges, or lessons that I need to take from things. I will definitely be back! Thanks again xLilyAnne, London

great reading made sensemarquita, memphis

Thank you CarrieAnne, your reading was really insightful and you're so kind, helpful and considered the way you read. You're really positive too in the way you interpret your tarot reading and explaining how this relates to present circumstance. You definitely are earth mother xLilyAnne, London