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Friday, Aug 22.

Well, Taurus, that lively house-party - literally - that is probably going on at your place now is no astrological accident. The heavens have brought together the playful Sun, charming Venus and generous, jovial Jupiter in Leo, where they have been turning up the volume for weeks now. The thing is, they are all making their way through your solar fourth house of home and family matters, and wherever Leo planets go, parties always follow. Oh, and today, the emotional Moon will join them there when she sets off for this fiery, fun sign, too. Whew! Better find the take-out menus.
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Member said about
Starlene Breiter


wow.. she is very good with astrologymike, davenport

very good thank you sars, uk

StarleneB was so awesome! I felt so great after chatting with her. If you're wondering about anything go into a private chat with won't regret it. Thanks...and I'll see you again.Britgirl67, Merrimack