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Friday, Dec 19.

Well, Taurus, the weekend is here - but chances are pretty darned good that you and your significant other are not! That is, you two have probably managed to sneak away for some Quality Time alone together. If that is the case, you will need no advice about how to spend your days - much less, your evenings! If you are at home, however, you will still be feeling the urge to do something entirely impractical for no other reason than that it will make you both feel really, really good - and you really should! If you are not yet seeing anyone special, do yourself a favor and accept all invitations to mingle. One never knows...
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Member said about
LEOMOON patricia

she is a very straight forward psychic, which is very nice of her. and she gives me positive reading related to my life spencer, marshall

great reading thanks!unworncoma, bham

such a lovely reading :) thank you. I am so sorry that my credits ran out without me being able to say good bye :(kelly, UK

Nice reading with her..she is very devoted to her work..:)shruti, INDIA