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Monday, Mar 30.

Your ruling planet is in your sign and your solar first house of personality and appearance, Taurus, so all the qualities we love best about you are on display for all the world to see - and fall madly in love with. That said, if you are already in love, the bond between you two will deepen considerably today, thanks to a visit from intense, focused Pluto, who always convinces any planet he touches to dig deep and Get Real. If you are not attached, this is a terrific time to get out there and resume the hunt for the perfect soul mate. Although, to be honest, they will probably find you first. Talk about love at first sight!
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Member said about
Apolonia Callas

apolonia is wonderful very quick and detailed thank you very much!believeinlove, usa

seemed very in tune, wish i had more time! trfimor , austin

awesomeAbigail Rudner, Martinez

Amazing strong beautiful right on reading! TY!Abigail Rudner, Martinez