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Sunday, Feb 01.

You, Taurus, know quality when you see it - mostly because the best and usually the most expensive is exactly what you are naturally drawn toward. Of course, with quality-conscious Venus as your ruling planet, it is no wonder you have such a discriminating eye. You also have a knack for sensing what others find pleasurable, which certainly does come in handy when you are trying to charm a client or a higher-up who holds your future in their hands. That said, it may be tough for you to pinpoint the appetites of your target today, but if you sit back and observe from a distance, it will all become amazingly clear!
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Member said about
Chloe Kai

very good sweet and respectable going to get back to you on your readtoastyd1, Rhode Island

Great! I really enjoyed the reading! ChloeKai's reading very much reflects what I feel is going on right now in my life. She gave me some very clear outlooks and advice about the year ahead - she's very kind and patient and will answer all your questions - definitely worth visiting again ~JL, Australia

she's genuine, kind, funny and insightful. very detailed readings, and honest. loved my readingstarrose, nyc

Very pleasant. Good reading. Will wait for results and will go back to her. She was quite convincing.lady71, michigan