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Friday, Sep 19.

It is time to get the whole clan together, Taurus, at your place. You have been doing a lot of rearranging and redecoration lately, and you are quite proud of your efforts, so have everyone over and strut your stuff. Of course, since the astrological culprit who is inspiring you is none other than the emotional Moon in Leo - the sign that just adores children - you will not forget to arrange some activities for them. A late-Summer barbecue might be best. Get out there and enjoy the beauty of the season with those who make your heart happy simply by being close to you.
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Member said about
Mystic Hanna

great readercollege125, toronto

Very insightful, picked up on my circumstances immediately.eagle3755, ocala

Very accurate and thorough. E, NY

quick and precise, she was right in past hope this time too ill update if it happens :)jazzychic7, london