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Friday, Oct 31.

Ready or not, Taurus, here comes Halloween! With everyone in the mood to indulge in treats, you are probably in your glory. After all, your sign is ruled by the lovely lady Venus, who just loves the finer things in life - like fine wine, good food and totally decadent desserts. If you are entertaining at your place, you probably will not come up for air until shortly before your company arrives, and when you do surface, it will be with a dazzling tray of goodies. If you are off to party somewhere else, use the Moon in startling Aquarius to the fullest - dress so that no one can recognize you, in a costume they would never expect!
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Estilla Fairy Queen

Estilla shines light on the situation very well. Her reading ability is excellent, does not waste time, highly recommended.Caliza, .

Right on point and so nice! Will definitely be talking with her soon!!Eva, Annapolis, MD

She is very kind, sweet and honest person. Great reading, very detailed and informative!!! Thank you!malinka88, Miami

Very kind, loving and helpful... willing to help and gives that extra concern for her clients... Lovely person and reader... I will be back.. :)tochoose, No. VA