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Friday, Nov 27.

This day is going to be a good day in both your personal and professional life. You are going to start romantic and full of passion situations that will make you feel better. You will receive the help of your regular daily Stars and Planets. You are not going to have any problem at all in any way. It will be difficult to know how to handle a friendship with someone close to you because, sometimes it makes you confuse, sad and mad. You are going to get news from friends from out of town during this Moon in Cancer.

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Member said about
TG Tarot Psychic

Has never been wrong in my readings, very honest, and accurate. So pacific in detail and a beard you can trust! So grateful.Kara, Gainesville

good...ritesh, sunnyvale

Very helpful....walked me through tapping that made me feel better...tapping is an awesome thing for people to learn. Nona, Iowa

This guy was spot on with my love life readings, in fact I was blown away by his reading to my second question I asked him. First card off the bat - knew what the issue was as far as me wanting to pursue something I shouldn't pursue. This guy is very good at the cards, and knows what he's doing. I highly recommend him! Especially if you're in need of guidance and direction!CuriosityGal13, USA