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Wednesday, Oct 22.

You, Taurus, are not big on surprises. You love your schedule and your routine, and you work very hard to keep your life on a steady track. Today, however, you will need to be quite flexible. It seems that the emotional Moon in partner-oriented Libra has gotten into an opposition with unpredictable Uranus - and this, kids, is the astrological aspect associated with tugs of war. Now, you have probably felt that something was brewing for some time, especially with regard to your closest relationships, but today, someone - and it might be you, by the way - will reveal a rather shocking truth that will take some getting used to!
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Member said about
Graham Elkin

Yesterday Graham told me things and today they happened play by play. Thanks!JB, FL

Thank you for your guidance and help...I value and appreciate all you do for me! stephany, orlando

Graham does wonderful healings and projections. Telt, A'Town, PA

Good, but no advice indeed.Hanna, Berlin