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For year 2015

Personal & Social Life

Love & Romance

Work & Money

Health & Wellness

Expect a few turbulences to come in the year 2015 in terms of your wellbeing. People born under this zodiac sign might have to face ailments pertaining to skin and stomach till the first few months. Indigestion and allergy may be the main health issues affecting Scorpio people. Improper dietary habits may lead to major health concerns, especially in the second half of the year. Excessive body weight can be lost during this year by overweight Scorpio people if they make sincere efforts. For some people, especially the scorpio, this could threaten to sink into self-absorption. But with all that's happening, especially with the Capricorn Moon in late January causing a flurry of excessive self-examination, you certainly have the right to be introspective. However, others may not see it that way. With the overflow of Cancer's influence in the June of 2015, your attention will naturally drift to the people you love: family, friends, and even acquaintances - all with their own troubles. There's a marked desire to make your home a place of refuge, and August's Sun in Leo trine the Moon in scorpio brings you the determination to make things better for others. It helps you, it helps your loved ones - everyone's happy. Also 2015 will continue with the trends that were set during the previous year for the planetary placements in the natal chart remains more or less the same. Your dreams and aspirations would take dedication and hard work to get fulfilled. Nothing shall come easy to you this year, but the good news is that your desires will not remain unfulfilled. It would just take a little more time and effort than usual. Initially everything may seem a little too intangible to you making you feel irritated and anxious. However, as the year draws to a close you shall be able to see that your efforts are taking a more concrete shape. Level headed attitude and patience are what you need to fare through the year with élan. Scorpio is the eighth sign in the zodiac. Scorpios are intensely independent. They are loyal, passionate, resourceful and often dynamic characters. Though at times Scorpios are jealous, possessive and manipulative too. Scorpios are able to do anything they want to do. Generally, they don’t give up. They love to live on their own.

Travel & Recreation


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