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Thursday, Sep 18.

Hopefully, Scorpio, you have either just finished visiting with someone or you have made plans to do so, because the emotional Moon in Cancer has been urging you in that direction for the past two days. The good news is that she will not leave your solar ninth house of long-distance relationships behind until late tonight, so if you have not yet given in, you still have time. If you cannot travel right now, by the way, you can always have them come to visit you. Yes, we all know you are intensely private, but hey, if you are still thinking about this person, obviously you feel you can trust them. Go for it!
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Member said about

positive and encouragement. gave good guidance.. t, t

thank you for your guidance and clarityk, melb

Thank you Balajee lovely person very fast connection. Sorry my questions weren't as clear as they could have been but you dealt with them well. Good reading! ran out of time! but recommend him for sure! Enjoyed the music!Whiteunicorn2012, Australia

Balajee is wonderful reader. He also always give a nice chant to listen to everyday to help me.Krista Elliott , Sumter SC