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Tuesday, Oct 21.

Unlike most of us, Scorpio, you may actually be enjoying this Mercury retrograde period. Sure, things have gotten confusing in the departments of vehicles, short trips, electric and electronic devices - but more often than not, all these supposed problems have given you more time alone, which you really, really need right about now. Of course, since Mercury retrograde brings the past to mind, you might also be spending a whole lot of time alone with one particular person from the past. If you are currently attached - to someone else, that is - better be careful. Mercury will be direct in a week, and the truth will out.
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Member said about

Such a nice man. Its addicting to talk to him. I wish I had more credits. But thanks for all your help. I will keep u updated. I really hope you are right. MK, mk

Wayne is a great reader. Very healing and intuitive.Deb, Concord

Wayne is goodNoush, Bris

Thanks WayneNoush, Bris