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Friday, Apr 18.

You are famous for being quite intense, Scorpio, much like your ruling planet, sexy Pluto himself. Today, however that ability you have to simply look at someone and bring them to you magnetically will be running on high - even higher than usual, that is. Venus, the Goddess of Love, will make her presence known in your solar house of lovers, even as she is making contact with Pluto and with outgoing Jupiter, too. If you have been thinking about making a move on someone, obviously, there really is no time like the present to do it!
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Member said about
ClearVision With Nina

wow she is awesome she knows things that are amazing I will come back to her as often as I can thank you ninalee bard, montana

LOVE!Brav0923, Doesn't matter

VERY goodBrav0923, Doesn't matter

Thank you Ninamarionlyttle, uk