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Friday, Oct 31.

Countdown, Scorpio! Today is the day most of those in your mystery-loving sign look forward to for most of the year - Halloween! If you have not already been to at least one party, it would be surprising - but then, there is still an entire weekend coming up, so you will have lots of opportunities to make up for lost time. The good news is that just this once, the rest of us will be in the mood to play pretend, too, thanks to the emotional Moon in quirky, eccentric Aquarius. You, of course, will have fun, but be thinking about what type of trouble you can get into with your delicious companion once the party is officially over!
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Member said about
Perry Normal

one of the best readers and non judgemental. thank uhuman angels, planet earth

Very good and fast reader, Also explains the cards and who he reads them. Krista Elliott, Sumter SC

Perry is fantastic! I am thrilled that I finally had the opportunity to read with him. He was able to connect fast and provide me with answers to my questions, without wasting time or money. I highly respect his work and his positive approach, to the way that he reads. I have taken all that he said on board, and I hope to be back, with good news, as things come to fruition in the upcoming weeks. I appreciate that he takes the time to explain as well as clarify what it is that is or will happen, as he goes along, in the reading. It was a privilege to consult with him, and I will return in the near future, should I need advice. I would recommend that everyone take the time to consider Perry for a private consultation. You wont regret it. And... He is lovely! :) Thank you Perry and definitely 5 stars for you! ♥Tay♥, Australia

amazing reader. very good, so accurate human beings, earth