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Tuesday, Mar 03.

The heavens are full of positive, outgoing fire energies, Scorpio, so if you have anything at all to do that requires a whole lot of energy or a whole lot of courage, you will not have to look too far to find exactly what you need. It seems that Jupiter - who just loves to convince us to be excessive - has teamed up with Uranus, who often decides our experiences at the very last minute. That said, if you are not in the mood for surprises, you had better be very, very quiet. In fact, staying home might not be a bad idea. The only thing is, you will be missing out on a terrific opportunity. If you are not ready, however, you are not ready!
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Member said about
Ms Tess

I just love Tess!! She is one of the few psychics on here that will be brutally honest with you. I don't like it when they try to sugarcoat everything. Tess will not sugarcoat anything for you! If you really want the truth to your situation, I highly recommend you get a reading from her. You will know the truth! Thank you so much! God Bless you!!!Rainz77, USA

Prophetess' reading was helpful and enjoyable. She helped me to relax and was very detailed.AJ, u.s.a.

THANK YOU! Always on point :)Kelsey, Philadelphia

5 starsgeorgiapeach37, tifton