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Wednesday, Apr 23.

You, Scorpio, are no stranger to intensity. In fact, it is a state of affairs you are usually quite comfortable with. Today, however - just like yesterday, and just like tomorrow - your skills at holding still and hanging on in the midst of sweeping change will most certainly come in handy. Four planets will come together in a Cardinal Cross in the skies above you, and when this type of thing occurs, all kinds of things happen down here on Earth to us Little People. In your case, you may find that a sudden trip is necessary. Relax and enjoy it, no matter why you are going!
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Member said about
Bindu Belani

Reading following a demo. Fast, direct, honest, and accurate. Thank you. Spring , WI

she was able to meditate for me. I felt some relief. she is good. thanks dear & all the best here:)aquavenus, california

Very helpful indeed. Was only for a few minutes but will definitely be in contact again. Thank you very much!!!!!!!!!!!!daze, new zealand.

Good. u, u