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Wednesday, Jul 30.

Well, Scorpio, if there is one thing you are famous for, it is the ability to draw other close - yes, that close - without really trying. So now that passionate Mars has made his way into your sign and your solar first house of personality and appearance, it will be easier than ever to lure your soon-to-be delighted prey. The thing is, Mars will be here for the next six weeks or so, so it is really important for you to take your time when directing this energy toward a new conquest. Remember, it is much easier to turn your intense energy on than it is to turn it off - and you are running on high now!
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Member said about
Naborara shahid

Thanks for a great reading!Charlie, -

Great reading......highly recommended Nag, SG

Positive reading.aikhooiooi, KL

good reading I like Naborara . I read with him a lot brings peace of mindislandgirl, westland