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Saturday, Mar 28.

With loving Venus in sensual Taurus and your solar seventh house of one-to-one relationships, you have probably spent whole lot of time in the arms of someone you adore, Scorpio - or wishing they were not quite so far from you. If you have not seen your beloved in far too long - which might only be a week or so - this is the time to be spontaneous. Close the distance between you. Get yourself to them, or bring them to you. Venus will from a square with excessive Jupiter today, so nothing will stop you once you put your plans in action. And what a lovely surprise! Better double up on those vitamins, because you will need it!
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Member said about

Great as usual. Very accurate on what's going on. Looking forward to his predictionsyahaira, dublin

Thank you for the clarity on my situation! Sarah, Ewa Beach

he is a wonderful personsuccessgirll, murf

great diana, houma