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Friday, Jul 25.

You are probably still smiling, Scorpio, after that easy trine between loving Venus and romantic Neptune set your love life on fire. But today, you stand a very good chance of doing it all over again. That magical team is still very much on duty, and now, thanks to an active square between thoughtful Mercury and startling Uranus, surprises are coming your way, too! Needless to say, if you are somehow not attached, that parade of admirers will continue. Actually, even if you are attached, you can expect some new fans shortly. Better promise yourself now that you will behave!
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Member said about

Very understanding and Guides me everytime. She has given me readings in past and believe what she tells me.pinkpather30, USA

great reading she picked up how iam in my self and what the past was like. very good reading Maynardmaynard , london

Wonderful, as always helped give me guidance pinkpather30, USA

Lovely and on the dot reading, I will recommend her to everyone, thank you so much for the clarity and I will keep in touch many blessings :) Libsta, Perth