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Thursday, Oct 23.

You really must be feeling like a superhero with all kinds of super powers right about now, Scorpio - as well you should! The Universe is turning up the intensity in your intense little body today, thanks to the arrival of both the Sun and loving Venus in your very own sign and your solar first house of personality and appearance. Oh, and then there is the Solar Eclipse tonight to consider, too. Well! You had better find something to do with all this energy - and I bet we can guess what type of activity might cross your mind first. If you are not seeing anyone at the moment, this would be a great time to get out there!
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Member said about

good readercindy, san ferando

Great readingpinkpather30, USA

superb, brilliant, excellent card reader and wonderful human being...many thanks, blessings, billion stars! :)pumpkin, usa

Thanks Brilliant as alwaysdebbie, dubai