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Apr 21. - Apr 27.

New career opportunities open up in the month ahead as the Sun visits your solar house of honor and fame. You may want to enroll in a class that will help your job performance.

This week can be challenging as the forces of change impact your job, travel, and communication sectors. Use caution while on the road and drive defensively on the 21st, 22nd, and 23rd. And avoid confrontations with aggressive drivers. Jupiter protects you from behind the scenes.

Relationships at the work place may get testy this as pent-up grievances may come to a head on the 22nd.

Mars urges you to use cooperation and fairness when dealing with co-workers. Watch your words. You may not be able to take back what you say.

The weekend brings inspiration to perform charitable acts or join a worthy cause.

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quick connection and asnwers ras, usa

Whoa, awesome! I can see why he was popular in that one poll! He REALLY connected on a deep level with someone I asked him about. It was exactly right on. And he is quick. Gave me a feasible time frame about something, and really insightful and practical advice. MerkabahMan633, San Diego, CA

Matthew was amazing - really fabulous energy - told me all that he could about my situation and was very in tune and accurate. Astounding! Loved my reading - super!!!Dr, Australia

what an awesome guy and great reading will be back for surepaldan, 2344