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Oct 20. - Oct 26.

Welcome Leo! Here is your Weekly General Horoscope for October 20 – October 27

Dear Leo, right at the beginning of this week, on Monday you will really start to reconsider the decisions you made in the past regarding your job and your career. You are feeling more positive about work and any plans you have been making for your future. On Thursday you will want to change something about your home. This is a great time to redecorate and remodel. It is a time for a new beginning and the current planetary aspect will really give you the energy to make it happen. On Saturday you will start to feel it’s easier for you to communicate and express yourself. It will be easier for others to understand you as well.

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Member said about
Borostyan Starlight

very good reading. She is always accurate. It is so sad what she told me, But i knew it is truth. She is very honest. Thanks againgugu58, asia

* ** 5 Stars * * * Always excellent reading. Borostyan read for me many times and always very deep and helped me get through my hurdles. Accurate. Thank youxoxoxLovingcompassion, Seattle

very detailed, accurate and compassonate.angels, galaxy

Very very good and accurate reading.Sindy, London