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Jul 28. - Aug 03.

An issue with a co-worker that has been brewing beneath the surface may erupt as the week begins. The Venus/Pluto opposition helps you clear a stressful situation.

You may be suddenly called to help a loved one in need on the 31st when Venus clashes with Uranus.

Your self-expression revs up as Mercury enters your personal zone from August 1st through the 15th. Being direct gets results.

You are apt to feel like a super-hero on the 1st, when Mars squares Jupiter. Be careful not to over-estimate yourself or be pushy.

You know how to take center stage on the 2nd as Mercury joins Jupiter. Think big. Others are attracted to your enthusiasm and your wit.

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Member said about
Gloria Knows

thank you again gloria! you are excellent as always:)rii507, tokyo

very accurate update!rosy, sgd

shes the besthoney, nyc

Thank you Gloria, for your very wise words! xxLilyAnne, London