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Feb 02. - Feb 08.

Welcome Leo! Here is your Weekly General Horoscope for February 2 – February 8

On Monday, the Sun, in Aquarius, your seventh house of partnerships, will be sextile Uranus the planet of the unexpected, in your ninth house of long distance travel, cultural exchange, marketing and publishing. At the same time, Mercury will be retrograding in Aquarius as well so this is a really great time to be rethinking and reevaluating some of your more recent connections. The Sun and Uranus will certainly be giving you a lot of new insight on things and new ideas towards these relationships. You can also expect some misunderstandings with your loved ones due to the retrograde. On Tuesday, there will be a Full Moon in Leo, your first house of self-expression. The Full Moon may make you react emotionally but at the same time it will certainly help you to bring some emotional matters to a draw. Things that you didn’t suspect may come to the fore to be dealt with as well.

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Member said about
Chloe Kai

very good sweet and respectable going to get back to you on your readtoastyd1, Rhode Island

Great! I really enjoyed the reading! ChloeKai's reading very much reflects what I feel is going on right now in my life. She gave me some very clear outlooks and advice about the year ahead - she's very kind and patient and will answer all your questions - definitely worth visiting again ~JL, Australia

she's genuine, kind, funny and insightful. very detailed readings, and honest. loved my readingstarrose, nyc

Very pleasant. Good reading. Will wait for results and will go back to her. She was quite convincing.lady71, michigan