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Oct 05. - Oct 11.

Welcome Leo! Here is your Weekly Horoscope from October 5th to October 11th

On Tuesday you have the Sun at a hard angle to controlling Pluto, in your Third House of sales and communications. A power struggle in the office may inadvertently slop over and affect a client, perhaps losing you some sales, or a valuable contract. Certainly there will be a break down of communications, both with your superior and with your client. Mars is in your Second House of material goods at a difficult angle to misty Neptune, and it may be that this dispute will be bringing you a lot of added expense, perhaps even legal fees that may exceed the worth of the asset…Neptune warns you that there are hidden factors that may skew the outcome of the dispute and not in your favor. Cool-headed Mercury is at a favorable angle to sensible Saturn in that Third House and is telling you to take everything with a pound of salt, be calm and don’t make any rash decisions concerning your personal life just yet. On Friday, sharp-eyed Mercury finally goes direct in your Third House, and the planet of communications is going to be unraveling that tangled web of deceit and showing you the way. On Sunday, lucky and expansive Jupiter teams up with transformative Pluto in your Second House of income, and these two are announcing a possible windfall, a large increase in your available income that will ease your financial situation considerably!
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Member said about

Thank you.d2k1000, san diego

Very amazing how he picked up on things from when I was born and how my past childhood is blocking my future. Thanks so much!Nona, Iowa

I finished my session for today with Eaglestar and he is absolutely amazing. I felt like we really connected and he was able to point out a lot of truths for me that I had buried and could not see on my own. But he also gave me things to help me work on my issues and change myself for the better, and I look forward to trying that out. He is a great teacher and I learned things tonight. Wonderful, friendly person :)Sarah, Sweden

He is so very caring and listens, and he was so on point! I am sorry my time got cut short, but I will be definitely talking to him some more!Sarah, Sweden