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Sep 01. - Sep 07.

Hi Leo, I am Xanda with Oranum´s weekly forecast from the 1th to the 7th of September
On Wednesday, the Sun moves to your 2nd house of earned income while at the same time linking with Pluto in your 6th house that deals with career and work status. This planetary aspect will favour either a job change if that is your current wish, or alternatively there will be a promotion that brings an increase in your wages.
On Friday, Venus will be in Virgo also favouring money and financial transactions to your benefit. Your cash flow is definitely seeing a very positive growth.
Watch out though as Venus opposes Neptune. This aspect will make you feel more generous than usual and you are likely to spend more than you should on someone dear. So, curb any spending at this stage as you may just spoil the favourable aspect which is boosting your income sector.

Lets meet again next week.

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Member said about
Borostyan Starlight

Brilliant ...fantastic..tasha_j, Europe

a detailed amazing readingearthlings, earth

fantastic updatezimerili1, orlando

Oh Boro, i love you soooo much!!! Nobody told me same thinks yet, about my past lifes! And i can feel deep inside you absolutely right! Dear Oranum members! Please ALL come to Boro's private!!! I'm serious: she is the BEST! happyhippo135, Austria