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Oct 27. - Nov 02.

Welcome Leo! Here is your Weekly General Horoscope for October 27 - November 2

Dear Leo, now that Mercury is finally direct in Libra, your third house of communication and thought, you will now start to understand things that you had a hard time dealing with in the past month. Any misunderstanding caused by poor communication can really be cleared now. You will be able to express yourself clearly towards your family and it will be easier for others to understand you. Saturday will be a great day for you and it will be a favorable day for dealing with family business and real estate. And if there is someone in your family that needs some kind of special attention and support, you will be the one willing to be there. You will also be more diligent when it comes to your daily work. Your energy will be focused on your daily tasks and helping people out will be a top priority for you.
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Member said about
SuperLove Advisor

Very insightful; good adviceSandra, Rockville

Very good advice and insight so lovely! Thank you!c, Berlin

She did great. Answered questions that I needed to know. Amanda, Alb

it been a long road, she has walked with me.mariasheart, usa