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Saturday, Oct 25.

You, Gemini, are a child of Mercury, so his movements and moods tend to be a pretty good way to predict your own. That said, prepare for a bit of confusion - maybe a whole lot of confusion - especially if you are trying to finish up on a project and get back on your usual schedule. Mercury has stopped in his tracks to turn direct, but since he is basically standing still at the moment, getting from Point A to Point B might be a hassle. Expect delays, roadblocks, and anything else that might slow you down. Yes, it will be frustrating, but everything happens for a reason. You might be stalled so you cross paths with someone lovely!
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Member said about
Spiritual Man

fantastic!! Love his energy and he does not judge..wonderfulj, New Zealand

SP proved to be fast accurate, and a powerful spirit with the direct plug into my situation. He picked up many things that gave great pervue. I was blessed and am grateful for the grace of this space that was created. I will be, na

I got clarity on my dream, which had been bothering me for sometime. Good insight and advice. Thank you heaps. 5 starsreenu70, sydney

He was very honest with his reading and never sugar coated the truth! I'll surely go back for another reading.MacMia, Denver, CO