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Sunday, Nov 23.

When it comes to communicating, Gemini, your sign has that talent nailed down - and absolutely no one else could possibly keep up with you, much less give you a run for your money! That said, let us consider what the astrological agenda for today has in store for you. To start with, your very own ruling planet, Mercury himself, has decided to get into an active, exciting square with expansive, exaggerating Jupiter, currently on duty in dramatic Leo and your solar third house of conversations. Well! Needless to say, since Leo is also romantically inclined, anyone who tries to push you aside to pursue your sweetie will end up embarrassing themselves.
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mssaul mssaul

this lady right here is the real deal i appreciate you mssaule, d

Ms. Saul is the best! Get an accurate reading with her. eli, east lansing

she is my love guru and teaches me something important everydayeli, east lansing

very direct and honesttee, ny