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Wednesday, Jan 28.

Your ruling planet is none other than fleet-footed Mercury, Gemini, the fastest moving planet in the heavens. Now, that certainly does explain a lot about your restless nature, but ever since he turned retrograde a week ago, you have had to be patient - which is quite a task for you - because so many things you had planned out so carefully are not turning out at all as you had expected them to. Well, not to worry. It will all be over in a few weeks. In the meantime, however, keep in mind that Mercury is in startling Aquarius, and set to make contact with Uranus, who owns that surprising sign. Yes, indeed. Fasten that seat belt!
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Member said about
Jennifer Jacobs

Will be back for sure :) She knows her stuff. lina, h

Awesome cant wait!! Seee, miami


I think this woman is super clear.LIGHTI, LOVELYLAND