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Saturday, Aug 02.

You, Gemini, are quite the spontaneous creature, full of fun and ready to try anything at least once. And now that several planets, including Mercury, your ruler, are on duty in fiery Leo and your solar house of short trips and communications, it is not hard to imagine you feeling even a bit more impulsive. That is all well and good, but be careful if you are not quite sure what you are getting yourself into. If you meet someone who is doubly sexy because they have a rather dangerous quality, be sure they are not, in fact, dangerous. Ask your friends for advice.
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Member said about
Adviser Powerwithin

simply amazingJanice, Maryland

thank you I will be back for my question from demo sometime this weekend luvuchaluka, usa

5 stars! Always accurately reads energies and very connected with his intuition!Christine, USA

thanks pppp, us