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Tuesday, Sep 16.

Okay, Gemini, you can get some sleep now. With the emotional Moon on duty in your solar first house of personality and appearance - in your very own talkative sign - for the past few days, you have probably been up very, very late, either out partying with energetic friends or sitting at the kitchen table until the wee hours of the morning with a family member. Either way, it is time to take a break. Give your voice and your curious brain the day off. Fortunately, the Moon is now in Cancer, putting you more in the mood to hug, hold and be held. Ssh!
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Member said about
Healing Power

just done a healing session now, it was intense. And afterwards felt completally anew.. You actually feel it through your body... Highly recomend doing a session with him.. CheersAndy , Caribe

fantastic healer everything that he has told has happened after I follow him he is truly gifted and blessed. I always feel the healing and so do my friends. He is very humble and blessed man, very kind generous and compassionate.bnjpangels, stamford, ct

thank you for the prayers and positivityt, t

Thank you for the healing prayers sir.. I will keep you updated.. Pooja, NL