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Tuesday, Sep 30.

It's all about fun for you today, Gemini - and lots of it! In fact, if you sick-days or personal days you have not yet used, you might want to cash one in now. The emotional Moon is in Sagittarius, a sign you have always enjoyed because it is every bit as playful and curious as your own. So, since she is on duty in your solar seventh house of one-to-one relationships, finding playmates will not be a problem. Of course, Sagittarius planets do tend to be a bit excessive, so if you are out and about with an adventurous, spontaneous friend, do not plan on getting back early.
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Member said about
Psychic Amanda

love this woman straight to the point no mucking aroundirene, Australia

thank you so much. iwas really in need of some reassurance.leodragon2014, japan

Nice talking to Amanda again. She is my number one choice :) Thanks again Amanda, talk to you soon.:), Europe

Always great and amazing xoxoxxAnastasia, UK