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Sunday, Oct 04.

You sure are going to get good loving signs in all ways, shapes and forms so, you will be in the way of happiness. Someone that has being distant from you, will contact you, do not be impatient. The Stars and Planets will be embracing you, try to turn your home into a honeycomb, an activities center to be able to earn more money. If you suffered a disappointment now, will be the time to take the reconciliation path, this is what the Universe is going to be whispering to you first thing in the morning.

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Member said about
Mystic Charles

thanks charles..u always have great readingslavelle, minot

Excellent reading, he was accurate, charming, and fast reader. Thank you soo much Charles! the reading was fantastic!!cathy, japan

5 star reader and friend awesome individual who i respect and love edna, florida

Charles is an amazing reader who knows a lot and has a good heart. He is very honest and all his predictions for me came true so I trust his advice and what he picks up during our readings. Blessings! He is def worth a try and I fully recommend him Ad,