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Friday, Oct 31.

Happy Halloween, Gemini! Now, the emotional Moon is currently on duty in startling, unpredictable Aquarius and your solar house of long-distance friends and far-off places, so you may be visiting someone for the holiday, or entertaining them at your place for a few days. Either way, it is sure to be an interesting, exciting weekend. All you have to do is what comes naturally to you. Be flexible, adaptable, and creative! Oh, and do not reveal what you will be wearing to anyone! The good news is that everyone will be in the mood to laugh, play and let their hair down, so you will not spend the evening alone unless you want to be!
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Member said about
SpiritualSag Psychic

This is the second part of the reading I have with Sag tonight - he is awesome! Great work ethics - he gives 100% focus on your reading - he is also very perceptive and senses many things and keeps feeding them to you. One of his predictions come true a few days ago for me and I hope the many more he's given will come to pass as well.JL, Australia

I've been coming to talk to Sag for around a month now - I kept coming back because I feel he has one of the best work ethics on Oranum - he keeps feeding information through like a machine. He's very confident in his words. He also has a very compassionate heart and connects very fast and very accurately. One of his predictions came true a few days ago for me - go and talk to him, it might be a turning point for you.JL, Australia

Detailed and awesome. He cares enough to remember in detail what you have shared with him before. lc, FL

Sag cares & gives you a good perspective on thingsShuchi, Hyd