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Friday, Apr 25.

This is a great day to be you, Cancer. You will have stability in your relationships with kids, lovers and playmates, thanks to grounded Saturn, but you will also be able to reach out and make your feelings known to someone you have probably not seen in far too long - thanks to loving Venus in your solar house of long-distance relationships. Between the two, all your encounters should turn out to be quite pleasant, so if you have been worried about a dear one lately, that will come to an end now.
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Member said about
Brian Scott Osterhoudt

Thank you for your time and help, greatly appreciated!Trisha, USA

I felt a strong connection with him and his energy as soon as I enter the public chat. Private chat is a bonus and a must for you to obtain his maximum healing powers. Have a private session and see for yourself.LadyGrace, NJ

Brian was awesome. I feel much better now. The anxiety that I have been carrying around for the past few days is gone. I was having a really bad day but I'm good now. I am definitely coming back for another session.christina , bronx

Thank you so much Brian! Truly your energy healing is amazing! Just as well as your positive affirmations you send out! BCharlene, Alb