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Wednesday, Apr 23.

You have been feeling especially tense lately, Cancer, and not quite as cooperative as usual - but there, that is perfectly understandable. Four planets, including fiery Mars and startling Uranus, will get into a very tricky cross pattern today - which basically means that they will all be operating at cross purposes. In your case, it will be the four primary areas of life that will likely be affected - that is, you, your home and family, your partner, and your career. This is a balancing act that no one can manage, so do not beat yourself up if you cannot.
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Member said about
Mystic Maddia

Very lovely and warm. Easy to talk to.Laurie, Atlanta

Amazing lovely person, great reading! Answer all my questions very quick and accurate! Highly recommend!! Thank u so much for your time and help!! :) God bless!!prettyeyez64, ca

Thanks for that accurate reading Maddia, I should really clean my room lol. Thank you also for letting my relationship with God is getting better. Mark, Kitchener, Ontario

She is very insightful and did a wonderful reading. Quick and to the point. :)Mary, Chicago