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Thursday, Apr 02.

Relationships are the really big astrological news of the day, Cancer, thanks to your ruling planet, the emotional Moon herself, who is all done up in partner-oriented Libra, and also due to an easy trine between chatty Mercury and serious Saturn. You can make some serious headway if you have a nice, long talk with your sweetheart about the future, and if you have had any problems with anyone, this is most definitely the day to settle things - with a celestial guarantee that you will both be willing to compromise. Of course, Saturn also rules career matters, so interviews with higher-ups will also go quite well.
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Member said about
Intuitive Natalie


Very good reading. straight on targetpanagiota, mel

Natalie is superb, spot on intuitive, and has some constructive advice. I would feel confident asking her about more issues in the future as ive gotten some good clarity today.Aloysius Crabtree, Grenville Station

Natalie always give a clear reading and answers tons of questions! She in very intuitive.peach, nc