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Wednesday, Aug 27.

Well, Cancer, as I see it, your day can go one of two ways. First off, though, you should know which astrological energies are on deck. Well, it seems that loving Venus and red-hot, passionate Mars are about to form a square, the most action-oriented aspect of all. Getting back to your two choices, however - well, one of them should be fairly obvious. I mean, who does not want a little of the right kind of passion in their life every now and then? If that is what comes your way, enjoy it! If, however, you find yourself about to become embroiled in an argument over money, be prepared to stand your ground!
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Member said about

I hope her prediction happens this time She connects wellAce, USA

Thanks Maria for honesty, accuracy, and the positive encouragement! janesi, sp

maria is very consoling and can see many situations and helpful in reading other personalities. great intuitive readerbnjpangels, STAMFORD, CT

Great reading.aidanixon, WV