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Thursday, Oct 30.

Well, Cancer, your sign is famous for its love of children, who always adore you. So, of course, in your book, this is an extremely important weekend, when lovely little visitors in disguise show up at your front door to surprise and delight you. You still have a day to finish up your preparations, which probably include a full array of perfectly wonderful, scary decorations. In fact, children and adults alike most likely look forward to seeing how you will dress up your place this year. If you are invited out this year, however, you might decide to break tradition. Either way, you will have fun being a child again!
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Member said about
Crystal Karma

Excellent reading......Connected very quickly and everything just made sense.....Thanks for confirming my feelings and thoughts....I enjoyed the reading.....I will definately be back for updates.....XxCrystalKarma, MA

Thank u so much.. helped a lot... I appreciate hearing what u said...I know u are correct and just give it some more time..thank u so much..... she is a good calm reader..try her!, mine

She is just fabulous I love her to pieces....omg, what a lovely soul!!!! amazing skills perfect clarity, wise advice, just overall excellent reader!!!! brilliant!!! billion stars! :) luv ya!OHSO, USA

Very good and quick reading ... im keeping my fingers crossed that she is correct in what she has said, and that my career will go off with a BOOM. She picked up my location in the beginning with fish, & water and even my fish in the pond and what kind they where lol.. So is great and i would recommend her!Susan, Ponchatoula