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Monday, Nov 30.

Love will have a good time, it will be a good day to make the moves that you want. You are going to have to take the first step regarding your domestic and very personal things. You will be worried about the affective issues of your family. Looks like you sure need more harmony and union, do something about it ! All your interests in the professional area are going to get a huge but, favorable turn. The cute Sun in Ophiuchus plus the 4th and last of November Aurora-Twilight are going to make you recover from any illness or allergy.

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Member said about

good and re-assuring as always!! :)) marcello is my best friend at the moment!! hahahahahahnfveknv, cenfrve

His insight is based on logical thoughtful things. He soothes my anxiety and me put life in perspective i a lovely way. he is a guardian angelEli, East Lansing

thank you for the love you sent me in this sad time. you are so supportive thank you Marcello davena, aussie

Excellent reading. Really well done in every way! Marcello is so cute and full of life too :)Maria, Illinois