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Friday, Nov 28.

No matter where you are today, Cancer, you are all set for fun, laughter and lots of jokes, too. Chatty Mercury has just made his way into funny, outgoing Sagittarius and your solar sixth house of work and routine, where the Sun and loving Venus are already on duty. These three will make it darned near impossible for you to stick to your usual schedule, so do not be surprised if your day is pleasantly disrupted over the next few weeks. In fact, you might want to plan ahead for that eventuality. Keep your agenda as flexible as possible - and remember, these three are all about optimism, so enjoy yourself!
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Member said about
Cyrilla Reader


She is AMAZING, she just helped me feel so much better and she was right on point ! One of the best I have ever been read bye ! Emonie, Giddings, TX

I really, really recommend her - a truly gifted reader who is no-nonsense and well connected.lotus71, nyc

thank yousmileyface, d lo