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Tuesday, Sep 02.

You are the child of the emotional Moon, Cancer, so you probably noticed long ago that you were quite susceptible to her movements. Well, she is galloping through lighthearted, funny Sagittarius today, insisting that you forget about work for awhile and have some serious fun. The good news is that even if you cannot call in or take a personal day, chances are good that everyone you work with will be in a terrific mood. Remember, too, that you can always make arrangements for some after-hours recreation. Why not join the gang for drinks or dinner?
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Member said about

he helping me no matter what....He STill Great Thanks are the BEST.coolme, B

Sweet man. Connected quickly. Great reading. I'm looking forward to seeing if what he says comes true :)L, SB

he was very accurate and gave me predictions for the future. Very excited to wait it out and take his advice like he said. sarah, michigan

His reading always have improvement...very happy everyday..feel confident always. thanks Marcellomedium you still The Greatest.coolme, b