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Saturday, Jul 04.

It is Saturday, love will touch you and you are going to live it intensively however, be very cautious as you are about to start a serious relationship that might give you problems when committing. This day itself will advise you that if you do not analyze well certain situations and you get carried away by emotions this will be a difficult day. Listen to the advice of the Stars and Planets that will be chatting with Earth this day. During this cycle of 24 hours learn more predictions. Your colors for today are going to be; light blue and brilliant red.

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Member said about
NaturaHealer Psychic

Excellent reading and healing session! amazing. Natural Healer connected with me and could see my life clearly. he was able to share lots of wonderful information with me and the mediation session was amazing. i look fwd to future session with himMelissa, Houston

thank u. it was weird when u started burning the papers my daughter was right next to me and both kept getting the chills at the same time. everything u said was inspiring. irene , rosemead ca

Always such a gentle and calming spirit. Readings are a delight, honest and to the point. He also keeps in touch and truly cares about what he does. Thank you always XO Stasi, UK

Spot on, answered my questions with clarity and the cards gave a lot of insight. I felt the answers as he said them so his abilities are very good. Highly recommendedPheonix, Israel