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Sunday, Nov 23.

The emotional Moon - your very own lovely silver orb, by the way - has made her way into outgoing, expansive Sagittarius, the sign that is the personal property of Jupiter. Now, his personal motto is Nothing Exceeds Like Excess, and he is about to form an energizing square with Mercury, the Messenger of the Gods. Well! Needless to say, if you have been waiting for the right time to say what is on your mind but also feeling a bit shy about it, that will not be the case now. Do yourself a favor. Let all parties concerned know exactly where you stand on even the touchiest, most sensitive issues. Let it all out and clear the air.
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Member said about
Aunyauna R

Absolutely fast and detailed! Doesn't waste any time, will get right into answering all questions. Highly recommend. Mimi, USA

So reassuring to speak with her. AB, US

AWesome as always... U have to talk to her..Seema, SL

I hope everything pans out as she says!!! She is really good!!Bellezalatina, USA