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Their weakest point is sweets. We can have their compliments even if we make something simple with much emphasis on desserts: they can be creamy and foamy – one cannot fall into exaggerations, but much attention should be paid to their appearance! As for the environment, Taurus people are usually romantic: gleaming tableware, flowers, candle light...
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Member said about
SynergyEG EG

was really great. told me things without me telling her much. will be back for another readingAna , Pembroke Pines

She's very accurate and strong with the energies.Julie, Europe

WOW!..absolutely wonderful, very intuitive and very on, i had a blast reading with her and i strongly recommend her... ..tons of stars for this precious lady with amazing skills!!!:)s.s. 77, usa

5 stars reader. Thank you S, S