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Needless to say, a Leo always deserves a Royal Feast. It is the best to prepare for them a magnificent dinner with several courses. The table should be full of marvelous dishes. No problem if only half of it will be consumed. Just make dishes that can be eaten the next day, too. Meals can be crowned by a fine and delicious drink. Do not forget that Leos are meat eaters!
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Member said about
Ms Wendy

beautiful reading as usual ! xoxo tamjones, burbank

Had a small reading with Wendy and it was really good!!Krishna, India

Lovely as always...such a calming spirit she has... and is right on!!!BB, BL

My first reading with Ms Wendy. I actually focused and listened to what she had to say. I really really really need to have faith in myself and work on my self esteem. Before I even entered the private, we had a great bonding moment. The reading confirmed what we discussed in that time in free chat-though we did not get into details in free chat. I was so scared to have the reading because Ms Wendy does tell it like it is. The 'fear' in that is what the answer/information is. Luckily for me, it is all good. XOXOXOXOXO MWAH! I am so excited! Woot! Woot! Thank you so much Ms Wendy!Julia, Pittsburgh