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Cancer's like special meals, but we should not surprise them with extreme flavors, because they might not please them. The best is if the meal is light and slightly ‘pastel’, we should spice it lightly and put it on the plate in a nice order. If we want them to like us, we must not miss salads – they can be appetizers or side-dish, but one has to be careful with salad-dressing.
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Member said about
Dvine Healer

Very keyed in to spiritual side of things. Makes an effort in letting you know what is needed. Recommended! gummigummi, Johannesburg, South Africa

in tune and straight forward. great feedback.milky , way

Great! She read very well. New my situation to the point. Accurate in many thingsMI, MIAMI

Divine really cares and that is what I like most about her. Very inspiring and helpful. Thanks Divine! xxLucy Class, Sedona, AZ