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Tuesday, Sep 16.

Dear Sagittarius, you are very determined to work hard in order to get ahead of work. You want things to speed up but it is up to you to motivate your colleagues and coworkers to keep up the pace. However, you need to be patient as not everyone is on the same page as you and they may need a little more time to adapt to the situation. Don’t worry, by the end of the day you will be able to get a step closer to achieving your goals. Also, at some point you will become very busy attending company meetings. Although you may feel that you didn’t really need them right now you should take advantage of this time to get the most useful and relevant information for your current project.
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Member said about
Starlene Breiter

Was very good and spot on as to how I was feeling.Nisha, wa

Thank you for the wonderful reading. And it is accurate. Fast and not waste your time.Thanks again pigletme123a, asia

very insightful and helpful and caring afroditi23, melbourne

Thank you for reaffirming my need to reconnect with a long time friend of mine. I highly suggest that you guys get a reading from Starlene. No fuss and muss but honest to goodness answers to help you along with your life journey!!!Sidney, New York