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Saturday, Jul 26.

Dear Sagittarius, today it’s all about being adventurous and daring on the career front. The New Moon is in Leo, your ninth house of travel, spirituality and adventure, where Jupiter, your ruler, the planet of luck and abundance, has been expanding this area of your life. If you have been thinking about writing a book, start it tonight under this wonderful Moon of new beginnings. If you have written a book pitch it now. Get it ready to go off to a publisher as soon as possible. It’s about time to get this off the ground. But in the midst of all this growth, don’t loose sight of the things that are important.

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Member said about

Had another update with him... extremely gifted reader, will keep you guys updated! Tanya, Florida

He is always insightful. I enjoy his readings.CarrieDawn1972, Fort Saskatchewan

Wow, wonderful reading Thank you.angloThai, Seattle

Very direct answers. Knows all.Al, Austin, TX