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Tuesday, Mar 03.

Dear Sagittarius, today expansive Jupiter, your ruling planet, in Leo, your ningh house of long distance travel, cultural exchange, media and publishing, is in excellent aspect to surprising and innovative Uranus in Aries, your fifth house of creativity, sports, entertainment and business, suggesting that you may have to make an unexpected trip that will be beneficial and could be career related, if you happen to be an artist or a teacher, for example. Otherwise, this will be a very favorable planetary aspect for publishing, marketing, going back to school or teaching.
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Member said about
Superwisdom Psychic

very highly reccomended, loving, truthful, predictions are also what i feel and know, and im excited to see if what he says will passray, port of spain

THANKS FOR EVERYTHING. I apprieciateMMarmalade, Alaska.

This man is awesome. Extremely detailed and connects fast. He does not waste your time at all and types fast. He is honest and straight forward with you. Phenomenal!Chrissy, .

Awesome always!CAB, .