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Saturday, Aug 02.

Dear Sagittarius, now that Venus, in your eighth house of joint ventures, is in aspect to Uranus in your fifth house of business and Saturn in your twelfth house of introspection, you will feel more protected and very energetic for another ten more days. This house deals with joint ventures and business partnerships and when Venus is aspecting Uranus here, it indicates that there will be some opportunities for new jobs and new projects for you on the business front. When aspecting Saturn, you can be sure that whatever you get involved with is real and is something for the long-term. Saturn gives you confidence and security.
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Member said about
Demetri pit

Thank you DEm. You are truly amazing! thank you for your unconditional support, for your guidance and for your positive light. Number one? OF COURSE! 5+++++ Stars! YOU ARE THE BEST! THANK YOUthinkblue, laurell

connected really fast and well thank you,:), usa

He just told me someone is contacting me because he misses me...when I was NEVER EVER CLOSE TO HIM NOR IN HIS LIFE. YOU CANT MISS SOMEONE WHO WAS NEVER THERE. Is this a TOTAL JOKE???Nothing he said was remotely true at all., Is this a JOKE????

Very caring and he picks up your situation easily Yb4real, NYC