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Thursday, Apr 24.

Dear Sagittarius today will not be a good day for you when it comes to being your usual driven and motivated self. You may not even want to get out of your bed. If you can avoid going to work all together do so as tomorrow you will be more productive. If you really must make an appearance at work, go and try to push some appointments until next week. Take it easy on yourself and take more breaks if you have to. If it's too much for you to handle and you must get everything done try to delegate to some coworkers you trust to help you get the job done. Call in some favors if necessary and promise future help in exchange as well.
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Member said about
RockPsychic DR LOGIC

She was GREAT! High energy, straight forward, and very helpful!!! THANK YOU AGAIN!!!! Scadoodle, Rville

She picked up on me right awayannieleigh, Byron

she provided some great insight. it also answered a question I have always wanted.. now i know it, now i can move forward.. i felt i was in a limbo state.. hopefully no longer...ShadowDomino, Fort Wayne

Had a great reading with chickie just wih we had more time to continue. overall great reading!!!Muse, AA